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  Kashgar, Xinjiang
29 July—1 August 2005
The Id Kah Mosque, built in 1442, is the largest mosque in China.

Some of the more conservative Muslim women in Kashgar wear brown shrouds to cover their faces.

Kashgar seemed to have many dentists.

Fresh figs served on a fig leaf.

Ice cream. No flavor is added, so it tastes like milk.

A man selling qurans.

An electronics market.

A young Uyghur with a nice jacket.

The inside of the Id Kah Mosque has no ceiling, and is shaded with tall poplar trees.

The Hall of Prayer, inside the Id Kah Mosque.

The second largest statue of Mao Zedong reminds Kashgar that it is part of the People's Republic.

A woman selling fig juice.

A young boy selling pastries balanced on his head.

Outside the Id Kah Mosque.

A family eating lunch.

Kawas, a delicious carbonated beverage made from honey, is popular in Kashgar.

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