My name is Jerry. I like football, Mozart music, tabletennis, and computer games. My name is Freeman. I like reading and walking. My name is Albert. I like music, table tennis. My name is Jason. I like football.
My name is Baal. I like movies, PC games. My name is Tony. I like PC games and books. My name is Mars. I like watching stars. My name is Liches. It means millions of liches come together!! I like Cyber Game, I have attended WCG, CEG... I like music, bamboo flute, guitar, swimming and bow shooting. I like people all over the world except Japanese! That is all.
My name is Liu Tianzhi I like sports. My name is Bill. I like beer. My name is Rainbow. I like football, watching fantastic movies and those about war, some computer games, and music. My name is Allan. I like computer games.
My name is Michael Julius. I like basketball, swim, internet, Chinese go, music, and so on. My name is Insomnia. You can call me Inso for short. Warcraft - Frozen Throne is my favorite sport. I also like music. My name is Stopher. I like all kinds of games. My name is Tim. I like swimming, riding bicycle, and playing chess.
My name is Loviss. I like basketball, sports. My name is David. I like football. My name is Brian. I like tabletennis. My name is Keen. I like football and basketball.
My name is Ray. I like sleeping. My name is Cecily. I like cats, classical music, bandminton playing, reading, etc. My name is Elvira. I like novels, music, swimming, climbing the mountain, and also skiing though I can't do it. My name is William. I like basketball, swimming, reading.
My name is Loki. I like sleep. My name is Vision. I like sports. My name is Faye. I like basketball, PC-games, movies, travelling and music. My name is Mercury. I like football, basketball, all of the sports.
My name is Kevin. I like listening to music, playing computer, swimming, and running. My name is Sillin. I like pigs, sports, eating, and so on. My name is Line. I like music, books, thinking, and so on. My name is James. I like soccer, ping pong (table tennis).
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