My name is Octopus. I like doing sports, listening music, eating delicious food, and reading. My name is Eagle. I like soccer, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, Chinese Kung Fu, music, surfing the internet. My name is Silence. I like reading books (wei chen). My name is Iverson. I like football and basketball. I am good at 100 race.
My name is Harry. I like PC games and music. My name is Tom. I like reading, football, PC game. I think I'm wonderful. My name is Shirley. I like watching football, shopping. My name is Goodsheep. I like sports, music.
My name is Memory. I like make friends, play computer. My name is Jimmy. I like sports. My name is Betty. I like watching TV, especially cartoon and some interesting stories. I like reading books. I like the food that my mother prepared for me. My name is Swallow. I like reading books and listening to music. My favorite is novels.
My name is Veronica. I like reading cartoon books, listening to the music, seeing films. My name is Tina. I like listening to musics, going shopping, watching TV. My name is Ding Ding. I like sports (basketball), films (Godfather), music. My name is Zane Remsen. I like music, film, animation, and PC game.
My name is Donkey. I like movie, music, books. My name is Rome. I like sports, music, eating. My name is Jerry. I like football, Champion Manger serials games. My name is Jack. I like reading, music.
My name is Sea. I like playing basketball and PC game and so on. My name is Blade. I like basketball, music. My name is Nineteen Zero Zero. I like computer games, films. My name is James. I like reading, sports, soccer esp.
My name is Jimmy. I like table tennis. My name is Daniell. I like music and comics. My name is Kell. I like cartoon, music. My name is Bamdo. I like reading and sports.
My name is Happy. I like football and delicious food. My name is Skywalker. I like sports, PC games, music, movie, and many other things. My name is James. I like reading books and music. My name is Final Fantasy. I like football, table tennis, history, and Chinese.
My name is Yet. I like sports, music. My name is Wenndy. I like a lot of things, such as literature, listening to the music, going shopping.    
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