Mobile Safari
1995 Up Records
  1 exploration team
  2 mandarin
  3 yoga
  4 mobile deli
  5 exotic arcade
  6 classic line-up
  7 flightpaths to each other
  8 basement scam
  9 strategic gear
10 token collecting
11 coolport
12 worlds of possibilities

"They're the Anglo Sonic Youth, counting among their disciples the Jesus and Mary Chain and Galaxie 500. but they're even more obscure than the Vaselines (whom they also influenced). But thanks to Mobile Safari, fans of low-fi pop in America should start to take notice." - CMJ new music monthly

"Mobile Safari worms its way into your heart with such ease because its songs are cool and silvery without sounding stiff or unfun." - CMJ new music report

mobile safari
sittin' pretty
up for a bit with the pastels
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