The Uyghurs of Gitmo

Chinese Detainees Are Men Without a Country, Robin Wright, Wednesday, August 24, 2005

China Demands That Albania Return Ex-U.S. Detainees, Edward Cody, Wednesday, May 10, 2006


PLA Uniforms

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) began to develop its new generation of service uniforms at the beginning of 1993. The new uniforms were presented to the Central Military Commission for approval in 1995.

The CMC held a meeting on April 10, 1995 to examine the new uniforms. By the approval of Chairman Jiang Zemin, who examined the new uniforms personally, the new generation of uniforms were first tried on by the PLA Garrison stationed in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on May 1, 1997 and were introduced to the three services in the spring of 2000.

PLA Uniforms


Religion in China

Kaifeng Jews

"A unique feature of some modern Muslims in China is the presence of female imams. A form of Islamic calligraphy, the Sini, has been developed in China."
from - Islam in China


Republican-Era Shanghai

Ling Long Magazine
Shanghai Pidgin English



Shanghai Cooperation Organization



China's Super Girl Li Yuchun, Malinda Lo, February 21, 2006



from - 10 Architectural Wonders of New China


Tiananmen 1989

from Tiananmen Remembered on Slate.


Party Ideology

"The Web sites cheat party members, the party members cheat their leaders and the leaders cheat their leaders. So in the end we all cheat the party. This is the comedy of our time."
from - "Preserving the Progressiveness", New York Times


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